mercredi 24 juin 2009


Rafa Dejota is a brazilian artist, he lives and works in Sao Paulo-SP.
Since 2005 he´s been working with objects that people can interact, such as painted cardboard, fabrics and his most recent experiment, the ´reflectives´. Reflectives are a fun and surprising experience when participators get envolved in a optical game between observer, reflective material used in roads and street signs that provide light and movement between materials and bodies in space. He recently participated on Sao Paulo 2008´s biennale with collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus, and his reflectives pieces got to be tested with visitors and registrated. Those projects are a way of connecting people in a invisible light environment, and block the energy of cicles + subcicles of those multi-experiences in the atmosphere. He also designed stage sets and a dress with the singer M.I.A. in 2007. You can check more of Rafa´s reflectives journal experiences at

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