lundi 15 juin 2009

madame tussauds by matthew robert lutz-kinoy

Born in 1984 in New York City, living and working In Berlin.
"Matthew places himself at the center of the work. He features directly in a large proportion of the pieces from where he is able to manipulate and direct the action, and undermine his own role as artist within the production of artworks. Matthew’s works explore language; written, spoken, of objects, of colors, of preconceptions, and through all of these he manages to reclaim them not as meaningful or absolute but as exposed, isolated and intriguing" (Charles Danby, London 2007).

Recent exhibitions include Arratia Beer, Berlin; Urbis, Manchester; Thrust Projects, NY; Kunsthalle Baden Baden; Yukiko Kawase, Paris; Bischoff Weiss, London; Nunnery Gallery, London; as well as several in site performances/video projection around NY and Berlin. He will present the solo exhibition Welcome To The Story Of My Life June 30th 2009 at The Agency Gallery in London.

Matthew uses multiple media and techniques of expression, which are as diverse as drawings, collages, printmaking or video and even performance.

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