dimanche 7 juin 2009

a pauper for your thoughts, a dummy for your dreams by Militia Shimkovitz & Amy Von Harrington

About Amy von Harrington:
A. mom made a kid in yuma, arizona
M. exican food fueled her dreams
Y. ears passed until she moved to new york
V. isions of pushing papers into uncompromising situations with glue look good to her
H. opefully the times are achanging for the better

About Melissa Shimkovitz:
“MACHO MEL” SHIMKOVITZ (aka: Melissa, Militia, Shim. Co.) is a drawer, interactive alternative universe creator, and novice mentalist splitting time between Brookyln, NY and mile marker 31, New Mexico. Her work has been shown at Pripublikarrak & Nontzeberri (Barcelona), East 13th Street Gallery (New York), Roodkapje Gallery (Rotterdam) and Unitard Gallery (LA). She is also the co-founder of the musical art collection “Voodoo- EROS.” She and Sam Falls will launch the first edition of Mental Fax, a drawing tabloid, in January.
biography taken from capricious space website

"MACHO MEL", militia shimkovitz
amy von harrington

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